"Shayna is an incredible yoga instructor.  Each class is perfectly tailored to suit your personal needs. It is evident in each session that Shayna invests time and thought designing your individual class. She always seems to know when I am up for a challenging practice or when a slower pace is needed. I also love how Shayna integrates a theme into each week's practice. I find that this helps me to stay focused, direct my breathing, and relax which all ultimately enables me to  go deeper into postures and strengthen my practice. Shayna has a gift for breaking down complex postures in a way that makes them both accessible and challenging. Shayna is incredibly skilled and thoughtful and I highly recommend her as your teacher."

– Sara Timen


"Shayna is an inspiring yoga teacher whose thoughtful sequencing, confident hands-on-assists, and physical and emotional insights, infuse every class that she teaches. After I left my most recent class with Shayna, my body felt more open and relaxed than it had in months. Shayna's particular expertise in Forrest Yoga make her an exceptional teacher in that she brings a particular mind-body awareness to her teaching that makes practicing under her supportive guidance completely transformative."

– Aliza Dzik


"I have practiced with, studied with, and co-taught with Shayna for over a year now. I have also had the immense pleasure of being Shayna's student. She is a caring teacher, who imparts pearls of wisdom and inspirational stories from her own experiences. Her classes are deliciously designed to make us, the students, breathe and feel while safely playing with our edges to go deeper. Layered over the asana are her sweet assists throughout class. I feel relaxed yet energized when I leave her class."

– Maria Bassett


"I really enjoyed the yoga classes. You really know how to work with young children. I enjoyed both classes very much."

– Leah Tannenbaum (age 7)